Uptake and Antecedent Knowledge

This outcome is very similar to the writing identity outcome. We had to use our previous knowledge (antecedent knowledge) and build off of that to gain new knowledge (uptake) in order to learn how to create different genres. My antecedent knowledge wasn’t put to the test in this course as much as my uptake was. For example, one of the first things we covered in this course was CHAT. I had never even heard of it before, so it was all entirely new information. However, I had used the rhetorical triangle before and that was kind of similar so I used that antecedent knowledge to begin to understand CHAT. Although having already learned about the rhetorical triangle before beginning this class was helpful, it wasn’t necessary to understand CHAT. BUT it was necessary that my uptake was good enough to understand CHAT because I would have to apply that new knowledge to create a CHAT analysis on each project.


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