(Multi)Media and (Multi)Modalities

This learning outcome was a fun one. Probably my favorite. We got to watch a T-Swizzle music video and watch Kevin Hart in a super bowl commercial and if that does sound like a party I don’t know what does. We watched these videos and looked at a political cartoon and interpreted them as a class. We found the meaning behind the images like how the “Bad Blood” music video is about girl power (and a warning to not get on Ms. Swizzle’s bad side). We also had to pick a form of multi media to do for one of our projects. I picked the youtube videos put up by Tasty which is part of buzzfeed. These videos use video (duh), sound, and text to portray their message, which is how to make tasty (hehe) food. Making my copycat video was very frustrating but also pretty fun.. and yummy.  To film I had rented a video camera and tripod from Milner and I had no idea how to use it. Being the least techy millennial  I know, this was no good. First of all I had no idea that I needed my own SD card to use it. So after getting everything all set up , the tripod perfectly placed, and pressing record I finally figured that out. I tore apart my house trying to find one and I finally found one in my moms camera. But that one didn’t have any memory left. Then I found another one in our ‘random stuff’ drawer, also didn’t work. After about an hour and a half and a lot of angry grumbling I finally found one in our basement in an old cell phone. After that, filming went smoothly and I ended up with some chicken tetrazzini. Not bad. Editing was a nightmare. Computers don’t like me and I don’t like them. For instance, this laptop I’m typing on, I spend way too much on it and the touch pad doesn’t work any more. Like at all. *sigh*. Anyway, the software its self wasn’t too terribly hard. BUT every time I switched which computer I was working on, the video wouldn’t work anymore. But eventually with the help of my nerdy boyfriend, we figured it out and I was able to get it all done.


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