Cultural and Ethical Impacts

Everyone has had different experiences in life and that effects how they experience and interact with the world. I was facebook messaging my friend from Germany and he was poking fun at my grammar (my English grammar mind you) and I just instinctively called him a ‘grammar Nazi’ without thinking. FYI if you ever go to Germany/interact with a German don’t call them a Nazi. They don’t like that. After a bit of apologizing, explaining, and google searching I was able to explain to him that I didn’t mean to offend him. That’s just what we call people who pick out others grammar mistakes in casual conversation here in America. He had been living in the US as a grad student for about 4 months at that point, I was honestly surprised he hadn’t heard it yet. But that’s not the point. The point is that he has grown up in a completely different culture where calling someone a Nazi is highly offensive, where as growing up in the US, calling someone a Nazi was an innocent joke. In this class I experienced this myself. Many parts of each project we have done thus far (including this one) could be written informally. I was surprised how hard that was for me. Before this class, everything I have ever written for school, has been formal. You probably noticed my first blog posts were much more formal then the last few. I had no idea how to write them informally. I couldn’t do it. I figured it out, eventually. But it was hard to break that habit. Just like when writing part 4 of each project, I want to go back to my 5 paragraph essay days. But that is a high school culture thing, and in college culture those are not what professors are looking for.


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