Writing Research Identity

Writing Research Identity. This one still gets me. It’s a bit confusing. But from what I understand, it’s looking at yourself critically as a writer and understanding what you already and what you don’t and what you need to do to acquire those new skills. I’ll compare it to science, because that makes more sense to me. When Dr. McDreamy decides he wants to start researching Cancer, he will first need to reflect on what he already knows about the disease. Then he needs to expand his knowledge by asking questions about what he doesn’t know. He may be able to find the answers to many of his questions in the publishings of others, but he will also need to design and preform his own experiments because everything is not already known about cancer. We had to do very similar activities in English 101, but instead of cancer, we did it with genres. For example, for this project I reflected on what I knew about blogs first. My knowledge base was very small I really only knew that blogs were found on the internet and many of my favorite recipes were from blogs I had found on Pinterest. I looked at the project directions and found what I needed to know about blogs (5 conventions of a blog and how to make one) and I set out. I found a few sources that explained some of the conventions of a blog, but I also found blogs and did cross comparisons to find the conventions myself.


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