Researching Your Content

When I came in to English 101, I was already rather proficient at finding, evaluating, and citing sources. My high school English classes really focused on these skills. I also had to write several papers for my history 111 course last semester and 3 speeches for communication 110 so I was already fairly familiar with Milner libraries resources, especially databases. However, we did learn about the purpose/focus of many of Milner’s databases and that was new information. We had to apply all of these skills when researching for our projects. I only however used primary sources and because those are always reliable (at least in the case of genre studies) I didn’t have to worry if I was getting accurate information. I also didn’t use any of Milner’s databases for my projects in this class, but that knowledge will come in handy for future classes. I did have to cite my sources in part 4 of each project. I ended up just using a citation generator (I think citation machine if I remember correctly). BUT after checking over the generator’s work, I found it made some silly mistakes. So am glad we went over MLA in class so it was fresh in my mind so I could catch those mistakes.


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