Cultural-Historical Activity Theory (CHAT)

CHAT this. CHAT that. CHAT. NEVER. LEAVES. It’s following me, I swear. When you enroll in English 101, you go over Cultural-Historical Activity Theory near the beginning of the semester and at first you are so confused like, “woah woah woah, hold the phone, this is a 101 course and I am being challenged, what?”, but by the end of the semester every time CHAT is mentioned and explained your going to be like, “holy poop lady we get it, can we move on?”. Mark my words, CHAT and it’s 7 components will haunt your nightmares. However, I have to give credit where credit is due, CHAT a pretty good way to think about the creation of a piece of literature. It definitely forces you to think critically about how and why it was created. BUT, I never personally found it useful in the creation of a genre. I always used my genre conventions when creating examples of the different genres and I never once looked at my CHAT analysis until I had to write about it in the part 4 essay. I think it’s helpful to analyze why a genre or piece of literature is the way that it is, but not so much when trying to create an example of the genre it’s self. The things that you need to know from the CHAT analysis to create an example of the genre are (at least from my experience) common sense. For example under production for blogs I wrote all of the tools you need to create a blog like internet and a device capable of connecting to the internet. But I didn’t need to do any critical thinking to figure that out.  A CHAT analysis answers the question ‘why’ rather then ‘how’IMG_1409


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