All About Genres

In order to do all of the projects (including this one) in this class, we had to become proficient at genre research. We had to learn how to find conventions of a genre and apply them in order to create different genres. The first project we did was on fairy tales. There was a lot of documents and research already out there on fairy tales, so I was able to use those to find different conventions and examples without having to dive in to examples of the genres and do the research myself. However, on the second and third projects, that was necessary. My second project was on the Tasty videos put together by buzzfeed and believe me, there is no academic work done on those. I scoured every corner of the internet, there is no where they could be hiding. Because there was no previous research done, I had to do it all myself. I watched tons of their videos, probably about 50 of them all together,  found what they all had in common, and used those as my genre conventions I defined in part 1 of the project. All of this research was crucial when it came to making my own example of the project. I knew exactly what a Tasty video consisted of and I was easily able to put one together.


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